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 December 18, 2014
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ReBath of Augusta, Bath Remodeling

At Re-Bath, we believe that bathroom remodeling doesn't need to be a messy, expensive headache. Since our inception in 1979, we've pioneered an entirely new concept in bathtub and shower home remodeling. We call it "The Refreshing Remodel!

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Delta Airlines security glitch lets you access anyone's boarding pass
The holidays are a hectic time for airlines and airports, as they try to deal with the large influx of people visiting loved ones. The last thing anyone wants happening is some sort of security glitch that will ruin their holiday.
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Study shows why expert pilots are experts
Expert pilots process visual information more efficiently than less experienced pilots, which explains why they make better decisions during landings, a new study shows.
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Vaccinating schoolkids cuts flu in communities
Giving flu shots to schoolchildren also protects others, a new study finds.
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Mom, put down that smartphone at dinner
Harried mothers who want to stay close with their kids should put aside their smartphones and tablets at the dinner table, a new study suggests.
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Need to sell your house ASAP? Opendoor will buy it from you in minutes
There are lots of sites, such as Zillow and Trulia, that exist to help homebuyers. But what about those that are putting their house on the market? 
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Porch's new app helps you find a plumber or electrician in under a minute

 Need a plumber? There's an app for that.

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Surprising energy vampires and how to subdue them
Is your home playing host to evil energy vampires? Also known as a "phantom," an energy vampire is any electrical device or appliance that consumes power even when it is on stand-by mode, or even turned off completely.
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Green winter clothes: Stay warm and save the planet
Wearing synthetic fabrics is a no-no if you're committed to saving the planet -- or even just wishy-washy about it. When you shop for winter duds, look for natural fibers that are sustainable, fair trade, and cruelty-free.
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Do's and don'ts to reduce paper use at home or work
Follow these simple tips to cut your paper consumption at home and at work.
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How cold indoor temperatures can harm your health
Whether due to inadequate insulation or an inefficient heating system, an underheated home feels chilly and unwelcoming. Even worse, cold temperatures inside can have a decidedly negative effect on your health.
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