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 March 06, 2015
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ReBath of Augusta, Bath Remodeling

At Re-Bath, we believe that bathroom remodeling doesn't need to be a messy, expensive headache. Since our inception in 1979, we've pioneered an entirely new concept in bathtub and shower home remodeling. We call it "The Refreshing Remodel!

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Whoops. K-Cup inventor doesn’t use them, kind of regrets inventing them
What happens to all of those K-Cups after you've had your coffee?
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Seniors bear brunt of this flu season
As the flu season continues to wind down, it's increasingly clear that older Americans have been hit particularly hard, federal health officials reported Thursday.
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14 percent of toddlers may be drinking coffee
Although they may just be learning how to say the word coffee, about one in seven 2-year-olds in Boston drinks the caffeinated beverage, a new study finds.
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8 best moments to teach your kids financial responsibility

These tools teach money management -- now and in the future

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Install closets and built-ins to save space, add charm

Eliminating household clutter is a top concern for many homeowners. Be aware that this problem can be solved beautifully by having a carpenter construct built-in closets for bedrooms which previously had little to no closet space.

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Could a dishwasher raise your child's allergy, asthma risk?
Hand washing dishes instead of using a machine to wash dishes may reduce children's risk of developing allergic conditions, such as asthma or eczema, according to a new study.
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Ready to buy a home? Good credit and planning are the keys

9 ways to overcome obstacles to owning a home.

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How to combat condensation on your windows
Oh no! You just installed new windows, and now all of a sudden you see that they’re covered with drops of water.

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Make roach pest control a priority
Cockroaches are one of the most common insect pests in houses and apartment buildings. They also carry and spread a number of health problems. Find out more, including effective roach pest control measures.
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Golden anniversaries may bring an added special glow
A new study seems to lend credence to the adage that there may be snow on the rooftop but there's fire in the furnace.
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